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Best Free Password Managers Pro for Business

The best free password managers pro for business and personal use is difficult to judge at first glance. There are many considerations such as how to determine the best password managers. Pro and business users will also require a safe and most secure environment to store their most sensitive data. The free experience should also be a third party advertisement free experience.

Additionally, the users of today are connected by multiple smart devices, so the data must be available in all their devices as well. With so many requirements to be the best, the password managers of today must be amazing, right?

However, they are not up to the mark to allow pro business and individual users to trust the available free solutions. We at KeyPhase beg to differ. KeyPhase is built on the principle that the internet should be secure, private and provide the best experience possible. So, how can we say that for sure?

You be the real judge whether our solution is the best free password managers pro for business but let us discuss together whether KeyPhase meets all the criterion set above.

First of all, the most important factor for password managers is security. Many security features are implemented in our system. Firstly, you can check that our service receives an A+ (Best) in High Tech Bridge Web Security Tester. You are free to test other password manager. This shows that our server is configured in such a way that keyphase secures against browser based attacks.

This is the preliminary security measure for password managers. Best is not achieved with this alone though. Another added security measure is a 256 bit AES Encryption on your database entries. Your password information is encrypted using your master password with one of the best encryption algorithms available. Business Pro and Individual users will benefit from knowing that their sensitive information is always safe and secure with a modern, tested and business ready product.

So, with the features described above, it is safe to say that KeyPhase is a contender for the spot for one of the best password managers available for business and the free aspect is a bonus. Our system uses completely encrypted, secure cookies, so no malicious user can use your cookies against you. The level of security and pro features are not only limited to this.

There is no decipherable record of your master password so only you have the ability to view your data. This is to the extent that even we have no access to your unencrypted data. This is an unprecedented level of separation that you will not find in any other system. Internally, the server uses a method of decryption that requires the server to authenticate every decryption request. We have tested that even with a copy of the database and your master password, it is not possible to realistically break our encryption.

Your data is secured to such strong levels only to keep you protected and safe. The business pro and personal users require the best password manager and KeyPhase, a free solution meets the first criteria of security better than any other options available.

Now let us take a look at the matter of multi-device access. Our product, being a responsive web based solution, can be accessed from any device. Other web based solutions also exist, but they charge you money for accessing form other devices. This is completely unnecessary, since the web platform already works in all devices. So, they turn off this feature which is completely against what we have achieved in web technology so far. We also have browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera etc) and smartphone apps (IOS and Android) in the works, so our system is completely cross-platform.

Now let us get to the free part. How can one of the best free password managers pro for business be completely free? On top of that there are no third party advertisements as well. So, how does such a system sustain itself? First of all, KeyPhase is a not for profit product. Our product runs on a pay only what you want, if you want.

So, KeyPhase is run in a donation based system. We are also planning to run a crowdfunding campaign for raising funds. In other words, we can provide a completely advertisement free, best security and most private password manager experience for free to business and pro users as well as individuals. If you like our product, then you can donate, it is completely optional. This ensures the best experience for free with tested security and private use.

Some bonus features include: no tracking, data obscurity protection and the easiest minimal user interface.

We don’t track any of our users. We do not have any analytics installed such as google analytics. Essentially, your usage data is not available to anyone, even us. If you look carefully, you will see that even the popular sites, especially, the popular sites, track you regularly. Not us. We are completely invested in protecting our user’s privacy and security. One of the reasons that we claim to be the best.

Our database is built in such a way that your data is indistinguishable. What we mean is, whether you have kept a field empty, whether it is your unimportant account or your banking details, it is not possible to determine which is which by seeing the database. This ensures security by making sure that if there is a database hack, unlike Yahoo or Ashley Maddison, your data will still be 100% secure. Our encryption and data uniformity gives you the best security for password managers for business and pro users. For Free!

Finally, another problem that password managers have is that they are quite difficult to use compared to what it can be. We use the latest design principle of minimal design. So, the user interface that you interact with is simplified to the extent that you increase your productivity. Most of the complication is handled by the server in an automatic process. The user will never realize how complicated the server routines are and that is by design. Giving the user the fastest and least confusing interface to interact with makes using our system the fastest experience.

To conclude, KeyPhase is the best or one of the best free password managers pro for business. This is because ours is the most secure, most private and the simplest to use password manager. So, our system is not defined by being free since it is better than others even in a premium category. We believe that KeyPhase will speak for itself and our users will want to pay for it and not be forced to pay for any experience that is not the best.

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